Conversion to Islam on point of the sword

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Islam is the second biggest religion on our planet. Did you ever think that how the most questionable, violent and full of injustice religion can have billion of followers? Let me tell you then. The basic ideology of Islam is structured with Force, Threat and Violence. These 3 factors are the keys of spreading Islam worldwide. I mean to say that Islam was imposed and introduced by:

(1) Force (2) Threat (3) Violence

Muhammad didn´t like opposition

Muhammad, who was not actually a prophet but indeed was a mafia, never received any message from Allah but falsely declared himself a prophet and created a false book (Quran), saying that those messages are from Allah. His objective was clear; to make his mafia gang (his followers) and his country (Saudi Arabia) developed and get respected by everyone. He spread the message to all his Muslim followers that:

“I have been commanded by Allah to fight those (Infidels) until they bear testimony to the fact that there is no God but Allah and Muhammad is his messenger”.

He also spread a clear death threat to all non Muslims:

“Submit and testify that there is no God but Allah and that Muhammad is the apostle of Allah, before you lose your head”.

In short, according to the message of Allah which Muhammad conveyed to the world through Quran, “Muslims are commanded to fight infidels until they are either dead or converted to Islam. Allowing people of other faiths to live and worship independently is not an option in Islam”.

Muhammad and his successors initiated offensive war against peaceful countries in order to impose Islam by force. By using force, violence and killing million of people he was succeed to get more and more people converted to Islam. His idea of initiating a war for spreading Islam (Jihad – holy war for sake of the god) was extraordinarily successful. Muhammad´s formula in this war was “success on any price”. He killed many innocent Christians, Hindus and Jews who didn’t agree to embrace Islam. Their wives were made slaves by Muhammad and their children were sold to the rich Muslims for abusing them sexually (The favorite hobby of Islamists). Their jewelry, money and lands were seized by Muhammad.

Those, who by force were converted to Islam, continued to follow this Islamic Hoax by the fear of Muhammad. And then generation to generation the time passed, things got forgotten and the new generations didn’t realize that they are following a religion which is based on the graves of many innocent men, and are respecting a religion which is based on the mountain of the tears of uncountable women. They continued respecting Muhammad as the messenger of Allah and Islam the religion which their past generations gave them. They never came to know the history or reality that how actually Muhammad brutally torture people to embrace a religion which doesn’t even exist. Since then until today billion of innocent Muslims are following the Hoax education of Islam which Muhammad imposed on them.

Well, the point to focus is that those blind faith Muslims do not know that they are the following generations of the people who were forced to embrace Islam and many of them were killed brutally by Muhammad and that they are following a religion which is the creation of a selfish mafia (Muhammad) who created this Islamic Hoax for making himself strong and achieving his own desires. Otherwise Islam is nothing else then creation of a cunning Islamic dictator.


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